Nomination of Bilour family for Nobel peace prize

Nomination of Bilour family for Nobel peace prize

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Malak Suhail started this petition to Norwegian Nobel Committee and


We hereby nominate the Bilour family for the Nobel Peace Prize 2020

Peshawar the winter capital of Amir of Afghanistan in the 19th century survived the onslaught of great game and its nemesis. In the 20th century the British controlled the so called wild tribes from here. After creation of Pakistan it became the launching pad for cold war missions. In the midst of seventy it witnessed the seven party’s mujahedeen rivalry and their quest for the ration and ammunition depot of US allies. In 1990s was the crucial era when Peshawar bleeds from target killing and bombing. In the face of these onslaughts one movement and one family stood like a rock. The movement was the Khudaikhidmagar movement of Bacha Khan and the family which became the vanguard of the Movement in Peshawar was the Bilour family.
The Bailour family thwarted every scheme of the international and national players and they had paid a price for it with their Blood. The elder of the family Ghulam Ahmad Bailour survived two suicide blasts but lost his 27 years old son. When the forces of darkness want to turn Peshawar into mullah Umar’s Qandahar another brave son of the family Bashir Ahmad Bailour became a victim of the suicide bomber in 2012.
BashirBilourShaheed started active politics in 1968 from NAP’ platform and remained loyal to the Party till his martyrdom

BashirBilourShaheed won elections from his provincial constituency FiveTimes showing the confidence of his constituents in him.

BashirBilourShaheed fought against terrorism fearlessly and laid down his life.

BashirBilourShaheed endured 6 years the agonies of arduous detention in jails against despotic rulers and never prayed for bail.

BashirBilourShaheed always rushed to the spots of terrorist activities to help the victims without fear.

BashirBilourShaheed was attacked five times by the militants but he could not be deterred from his anti- terrorism struggle.

On his martyrdom BashirBilourShaheed was paid high tributes by the National Assembly of Pakistan and UN General Assembly.

BashirBilourShaheed was awarded “Hilal -e-Shujaat “ for his bravery and gallantry prior to his eventual martyrdom

The national flag was flown at half - mast on the martyrdom of BashirBilourShaheed in mourning the death of a brave soul.

BashirBilourShaheed was instrumental in opening up of the NishtarHall for cultural activities which was closed down due to Taliban’s threats.

BashirBilourShaheed used to say that he had lived for long and must die one day but he longed for a valiant death.

BashirBilourShaheed once told Haji Bilour his eldest brother that Taliban had not killed his parents but had massacred his children, justifying his strong stand against the militants.

BashirBilourShaheed asked MianIftikharHussain after his son’s martyrdom, to take rest and let him take care of the terrorism, pleading he had a son behind and MianIftikhar had nobody behind.

BashirBilourShaheed’s roar still reverberates in the air when he shouted at the militants, “ Your suicide jackets will exhaust but our chests will still remain there”.
Again the family remained firm and stick to the Philosophy of Nonviolence. Amid these hardships another blow came from nowhere and Haroon Ahmed Bailour son of Bashir Ahmed bailour became target of suicide bomber in 2018.
The family lost in politics but nevertheless the philosophy of non violence. Peshawar is still resilient Ghulam Ahmad Bailour is here amongst Peshawrites.We the Pakhtuns demand a noble peace prize for this brave heart of the Pakhtuns in order to payback what he and the family did for the Peace and huminaty.

Thank you


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