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Community of Sant’Egidio is a Christian community born in 1968, right after the second Vatican Council. An initiative of a group of catholic university students, lead by Andrea Riccardi, and founded in the centre of Rome. Over the years, it has become a network of communities in more than 70 countries of the world. It is also part of the fraternity lived through ecumenical commitment and inter-religious dialogue, in the “Spirit of Assisi” desired by Pope John Paul II.

Over the last decades Sant'Egidio had been involved and known internationally in several conflict resolutions: one of those was achieved in Mozambique with the peace agreement signed October 4, 1992 in Rome, turning in one of the most peace success of XX century and lead Sant'Egidio to one of the most trusted organization around the world (renamed "United Nations of Trastevere"). Since then Sant’Egidio worked as an operative effective organ in peace resolutions in tough crisis situations around the world: Algeria, Guatemala, Burundi, Albania, Kosovo, Liberia, Côte d'Ivoire, Togo, Guinea-Conakry or the recently in Central Africa Republic are just few countries in which, directly or indirectly Sant’Egidio has been involved in peace talks and resolutions. Sant’Egidio is also promoting talks and solutions for middle east crisis: it had advanced a road map for a peaceful reconstruction of Syria or the reconciliation of ethnic groups in Libya.  

But surely one of the most success program is the creation of the “Humanitarian corridors” supported by many European, Asian and African governments and the UNHCR, that has allowed, recently, hundreds of refugees from Somalia, Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria to reach safely European countries. Coping the migration crisis in Mediterranean Sea and the consequential dead. 

And no less important the contribution on Humanitarian Aid Program in Bangladesh for the Rohingya Refugee Crisis.

Sant’Egidio created in 2002 one of the largest program of AIDS/HIV fighting in the world called DREAM. It provides a system based on small health centers (48) spread across 11 African countries (Mozambique, Malawi, Tanzania, Kenya, Guinea Conakry, Swaziland, Cameroon, Congo DRC, Angola, Nigeria and Central African Republic), to reach rural areas and move towards the patient who often has economic and transportation difficulties. The program provides (with a complex network and high organization and medical care standard): free prevention and treatment of HIV, also from mother to child, health and baby care system and promotion of female education and women status in African societies.  

The program also leads recently to DREAM 2.0 with a wider focus on other epidemic diseases: such Ebola, Malaria, Typhus or malnutrition, lack of education and food and agriculture crisis provoked by natural catastrophes and climate changes.    

In order to prevent Children exploitation (such sexual abuse, child prostitution, engagement in armed conflicts, labor and early age marriage) Sant’Egidio had launched BRAVO, a programme with the main goal to create an efficient Birth registration in sub-Saharan African countries (such Burkina Faso) able of register new babies and help governments to create and improve demographic database systems.   

Sant’Egidio promotes and organize worldwide march, events and petition in favor of a ecumenical dialogue among the world religions in favor of peace and mutual understanding (organizing annually the “World Day of the Peace”). Plus it is the promoter of  “Cities for Life” (a manifestation organized in over 6500 cities in 18 years) and “No Death Penalty”, (a moratorium for the abolition of death penalty around the world, that so far had lead to the interruption of several sentences and the actual abrogation of it from many states and countries, such New Hampshire, Mongolia and Madagascar).    

Sant’Egidio is finally recognized for his attention to the homeless and poor people (the reason it was initially found for), to the children, to the young people (with its “Schools of Peace” managed by the “Youth for Peace”) suburbs areas, elders care, people with disabilities and prisoners. And the organization of some cultural and social events, such Eco-sustainability markets, the festival “Play Music Stop Violence” and the worldwide famous “Christmas Launch” celebrated in over 600 cities and 90 prisons around 78 countries.

For all is contribution to the global peace, people health, education, promotion of peace, human right protection, love and friendship WE CANDIDATE THE COMUNITÀ DI SANT’EGIDIO TO THE NOBEL PEACE PRIZE 2020