Nobel peace prize for the new East African leader - Ethiopian prime minster Dr. Abiy Ahmed

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Prime Minister Dr. Abiy Ahmed came to power in the middle of the worst political and social crisis that hit Ethiopia in decades. His announcements of reforms have made him popular. The country has been a land of uncertainty and distrust particularly over the last three decades.

Some of the new East African great leader - Ethiopian prime minster Dr. Abiy Ahmed great achievements for the time (in just three months) he has been in office are:

  • The release of political prisoners, call of peace for political parties and individuals in exile
  • The reconciliation, restoration, and peace between tribes and religions in Ethiopia and East Africa
  • The achievement to officially end the 20 years’ war that claimed over 70,000 lives and reconciling the two, Ethiopia and Eritrea … etc. are a few of the achievements.

The Nobel peace prize, would enable Dr. Abiy Ahmed to contribute even more to world peace.

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