Improve Norwalk’s Baseball and Softball Fields!

Improve Norwalk’s Baseball and Softball Fields!

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Jessica Herlihy started this petition to Norwalk Parks and Recreation and

Norwalk just celebrated Norwalk High School becoming the State Champion for baseball for the very first time. The Babe Ruth 13U took a trip to the Worlds Series and came in 2nd place. Two previous Babe Ruth teams also made it to the World Series in recent years, with one coming out on top. Norwalk Little league has had two district winners and additional teams fight to the very end for title wins. Cal Ripken has also had several teams winning districts and going on to state competition. Girls softball has made serious strides as well, with the 10U team earning Runner-Up in this year's Babe Ruth State tournament and 12U finishing 3rd. The 10U Zoomers also won the Fairfield County league tournament. Each of these teams have earned these accomplishments with little to no help outside of their individuals league boards and volunteers.

All of these kids have grown up playing on the city owned baseball and softball fields that are managed by Norwalk Parks and Recreation. I have chosen to lead with these amazing accomplishments to show what our youth will be losing if we continue to allow our locals fields to deteriorate.

Enrollment is down in youth sports overall, and when grass isn’t mowed properly and full of weeds, or the clay on fields is more like concrete, more and more children will be discouraged from participating in America’s Favorite Pastime. Participation in youth sports leads to increased confidence, essential skills, health & fitness, and an overall sense of belonging-which is needed now more than ever. 

If we are able to ensure proper maintenance of our fields, and maybe even improve some of them, each of the local programs will be able to host tournaments and events. This will not only lead  to increased opportunities for youth and positive exposure for Norwalk, but it will increase spring and summer visitors who will make purchases in local stores, fill up at local gas stations, etc.

Stamford is similar in demographics and has a variety of fields, with snack bars and working bathrooms. Norwalk barely has one working scoreboard outside of the high schools. The attached photo show the terrible condition of one our local fields (links to other deteriorated field pictures, contrasted with the pristine fields of surrounding towns are forthcoming). 

If we choose not to invest in these fields, we are choosing not to invest in our youth. And the positives outcomes from outdoor activities and the pride from local sport parades will be a thing of the past. If you feel that the community and financial benefit of youth baseball and softball is worth it, please sign this petition to ask that the City of Norwalk do the following:

-Properly fund Parks and Recreation to hire and train staff for the increasing responsibilities of consistently maintaining the fields in Norwalk

-Allocate funds for new equipment. (Norwalk only has 2 large area mowers for 1200 acres and outdated tractors, trimmers, tillers, etc.)

-Commit to hiring outside staff for seasonal summer work to handle the increased workload (not just consider it)

-Improve planning and communication with leagues on tasks and items that can be purchased and completed by leagues (such as triaxels of clay prior to start of season, who is allowed to drag or mow fields, etc.) without compromising union commitments.

Thanks for your support.


An avid sports parent and lover of Norwalk 




0 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!
At 1,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!