Support March School Break and the Norwalk BOE

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Nora King
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Support the Board of Education by supporting the well thought out and well communicated new BOE schedule for the 2020-2021 school year.

Finally, Norwalk has a later school start date that follows the more traditional summer weather.   They have also finally provided a March spring break versus a middle of the month April break. 

These are three education advantages to the March break:

1.) The March and Winter breaks divide the school year into three roughly equal parts (trimesters) for grades K-8, which facilitates grade reporting and parent –teacher conferences at the end of the first and second trimesters.
2.) There are more instructional days between a March Break and State testing in May, beneficial to students in terms of their performance on State assessments.
3.) There is a greater distance between NWEA – End Of Year testing and State testing with a break in March rather that April.
 A March break makes one break independent of a religious holiday.

Private schools have been having a March break for years.  They do it because it works academically. Norwalk has been working hard to improve our schools and raise our test scores. The BOE worked hard to keep the February break, which most parents and children look forward to. 

Working families do support this because the breaks are well thought out and are staggered before the summer break.  There are many affordable camps that are established in the area for working families during vacation week and these organizations will support the calendar.

Doing what is best for our children is critical and the BOE did an amazing job of focusing on the academic advantages.  This was a carefully thought out plan with parent involvement going back to the start of 2019 as well as earlier discussion in the prior year. 

Please show your support by signing this petition.  There is a group of parents that are trying to stop the change.  Please sign to support Dr. Adamowski and the Board of Educations new school schedule.