Protect the Girls of John I. Burton

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My younger sister, who graduated high school in 2018, was groped inappropriately by a history teacher at John I Burton high school in Norton, Virginia, during her freshman year. An immense number of female students, current and former, have been coming forward for the last few years about similar experiences. Girls were asked to stand in front of the class and twirl around for the amusement of others when wearing a dress or anything he would call "sexy" or "kinky." The examples go on and on. I have heard first hand how this man talks about young, impressionable, vulnerable, underage girls at the high school, directly in front of his students and his football team. He would refer to our girlfriends, or sisters, or friends as "sexy" or "hot", telling us that we were lucky he was taken, or he would take them from us. An investigation was done soon after a number of allegations became public a couple years ago, but the man kept his job at the time. This year, he was told that his contract would not be renewed and he would no longer be coaching football at John I. Burton High school. His family has done a very good job at covering up his inappropriate behavior, as many people in our small community were unaware of his actions. They started a petition, obtained over 400 signatures, hired an impressive legal team, and on Monday, June 10th, the school board voted unanimously to reinstate him, despite my sister, along with others, testifying wholeheartedly for the protection of the upcoming students, who will be forced to sit in his classroom and possibly endure the same degrading acts that have haunted them for years. We have had multiple people apologize for signing the petition, as they did not realize the whole story until after my sister bravely spoke during the school board meeting. This petition is aimed at having the school board reassess their decision. Please help in protecting the young girls in my hometown, so they can grow to help the entire world become a better place. I wish no ill will upon anyone involved, to do so would only add hate to an already hateful world. This petition is solely for the protection of those who are without the means to protect themselves. Thank you.