Northwestern University reverse tuition increase for 2020-2021

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As Northwestern students, and parents and guardians of Northwestern students, we are against the 3.5% increase for tuition, room and board for the 2020-2021 academic year.  

Families recently received information for fall that outlined plans for the vast majority of courses to be taught remotely or have a remote component, all students to be housed in single rooms prohibiting guests, and dining hall restrictions that mandate a meals “to go” model.  The information we received made it clear that there are more unknowns than knowns at this time.  Yet, we are being asked to make commitments and be flexible.  

Additionally, we were informed that there will be limited areas for social engagement and gatherings. Common spaces will have capacity limits, and Wildcard access to certain amenities may be restricted, or, in some cases, taken offline completely. Other changes, including reduced programming are also possible.

These changes, although necessary, will negatively impact the college education and campus experience for students.

Full tuition for spring quarter was paid because we understood that COVID made this an unusual time with unusual circumstances.  Students did not receive a comparable education/campus experience while taking classes online at home for spring quarter.

As parents, guardians, and students financing a Northwestern University education, we are pushing back against the 3.5% increase for tuition, room and board, for the 2020-2021 academic year. We accept the changes that have been made out of necessity.  Undoubtedly, as a result of these changes,  the academic and campus experience of each student will be compromised.  We will not pay more for a lesser experience.

We are asking Northwestern University to reverse the 3.5% tuition, room and board increase and to freeze tuition, room and board for the 2020-2021 academic year. This is a reasonable and appropriate request.

We expect Northwestern University to meet this request with the same spirit of partnership that we have shown the university throughout this challenging time.