Equal Internet In The North

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Smaller, more remote communities have unlimited data, and higher speeds.  The community of Hay River has been bypassed for upgrades to put us on equal technological communications footing as other communities with smaller populations for years.  Northwestel can afford to stream high definition at no less than 1Tb of data per day from multiple locations in Hay River, but cannot afford to let the community have speeds and reliability equal to those in smaller surrounding communities?  Their monopolization and hobbling of Hayriverites communication and technology options are costing our community dearly by handicapping our communities and causing people to move away, and putting a major drain on our economy by denying our community opportunities to thrive and have equal opportunity to utilize today's technologies as valuable learning assets as well as tools that can be utilized as a viable source of income to help our community prosper.

Not all of us utilize the internet to stream illegally pirated movies, music, and software and have actually been trying to utilize our technological advancements in communications and computing to help our local economy, and educate our community.  But when you have to rely on outrageously expensive services that are unreliable at best, it is akin to a gangster breaking one of your kneecaps then telling you you are fine to carry both bags of bricks up Everest because you still have one leg in perfectly fine condition.  The fact that it is your left leg, and Northwestel only has shoes for right feet should not matter at all because nobody else is complaining.

It is time for Northwestel to stop pretending they do not have the capability to give a communities of the north equal, affordable pricing, and a service that is reliable.

It is time for the north to drop the bricks and take Northwestel to task.  Looking at the north, and Northwestel's history up here, I know damned well there are much more than 400 people sick and tired of Northwestel's crap.

It is time to use our voices and come together as the community that we are.

Please sign this petition and help bring the reliability and affordability we keep being promised but have not seen in a half century of telecommunications, and two decades of internet in the north.