Change NWMSU Code of Conduct to Include a Policy Against Hate Speech

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Asma Hassan
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Our students, our faculty, our minorities deserve to be protected and go to an institution in which they know they will be safe and be protected. After a hate speech incident involving a prospective Northwest student against the black community (a video reenactment of George Floyd's murder posted to Snapchat) it was discovered by the Office of Diversity & Inclusion's apology post on Facebook that there is nothing in Northwest Missouri State University Student Code of Conduct that protects minorities against hate speech nor gives punishments for hate speech perpetrators. 

We cannot allow our students to go unprotected. We cannot allow hate speech to not be regulated or even unpunished. We cannot allow perpetrators of hate speech to be more protected than our minorities and victimized communities. We are in an age where there is beautiful amounts of diversity and people of all races, ethnicities, genders, sexual orientations, religions, immigration statuses, and more that attend our University who should feel safe being who they are. We cannot allow Northwest to continue to have zero policy against those who speak against others' existence. We cannot allow hate speech at Northwest.

Therefore, we are asking that a speech code be put in place to protect our students against hate speech. We ask that a Zero Tolerance Policy and a Code be put in place with levels of offenses and possible punishments in line with our harassment policy, as this is an issue involving safety of our students.

We understand that free speech is to always be protected, but the safety and concern of our students matters more. This should not be taken lightly. Any offense against a Bearcat is an offense to all of our community. All Bearcats should have the right to exist freely without the fear.

Other universities protect against hate speech, and there is no reason that Northwest should be any different. It is 2020. Hate speech should never be tolerated. We are the safest University in Missouri, let's act like that. Let's protect our students and faculty.