Northwest Needs to Enforce Consequences

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Keely Danielsen
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The murder of George Floyd has led to high tensions across the United States. With controversy in the air, people are quick to flock to their social medias to share their opinion. While we are guaranteed Freedom of Speech in the First Amendment of the Constitution, the question that has been posed during this time, and for countless years before, is about censorship. Is there a point where what someone says is no longer protected by the First Amendment? 

Three incoming freshman, two planning on attending University of Missouri (Mizzou) and one with plans to attend Northwest Missouri State University, have also taken to social media to share their opinion. A video of the girls recreating the murder of George Floyd that was originally posted to a private Snapchat story is now circulating Twitter and has been brought to the two universities' attention. 

The question now remains, what is the correct response from these universities?

Mizzou has condemned their actions and suspended the student while the investigation took place. (She rescinded her application and will no longer be attending.)

Northwest Missouri State has issued a stance that though what the girls did was wrong, no consequences will be taking place for the prospective student.

This response from Northwest invalidates the Black Lives Matter movement that is taking place, as this video mocks the death that has reignited the spark of the movement. In the video, a girl can be heard mimicking Floyd's last word, "I can't breathe", a line that has been printed and painted on thousands of shirts and signs across America in the past week. 

While yes, this student needs to be educated, she also will not learn her lesson without the proper consequences taking place. 

As a Northwest student, I do not understand why the administration decided not to follow suit with Mizzou and suspend the student in question. Not only is this allowing her behavior, it is also promoting it by telling others, implicitly, that they will not receive consequences for actions.

The administration says that they condemn racial hatred and violence, but they are not following through with their actions.

If you believe that this student should face the same consequences as her friends, that black lives matter should not be mocked, then you will sign this petition. Let Northwest administration know that we are watching, and this verdict is not acceptable. 

The original video can be found by clicking here