Northville wants curbside textile recycling with Simple Recycling!

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Each year, 14.3 million tons of clothing gets dumped into landfills. Only 15% of used textiles are recycled or donated, meaning 85% goes into landfills. Northville is situated far too close to Arbor Hills Landfill for residents to ignore the need to reduce solid waste. 

We can keep our holey socks and stained clothing from going to the dump with FREE curbside textile recycling through Simple Recycling. Learn more  

Simple Recycling has a long list of client municipalities throughout the country and state, including Westland, Ypsilanti, Canton, Farmington Hills, South Lyon, Southfield, East Lansing and White Lake.

Simple Recycling partners with municipalities to offer curbside recycling in addition to the recycling programs already offered. Simple Recycling collects many items that most curbside recyclers do not. This includes clothing of any kind, such as coats and shoes; jewelry; purses; hats; toys; blankets; curtains; pillows; sleeping bags; tools; silverware; dishes; pots/pans and backpacks. There is no cost to the homeowner or the municipality. In fact, the municipality gets a small kickback for offering the program.

Northville Twp. has declined to participate in this program. Taxpayers would like the Northville Twp. Board of Trustees to say yes to less waste going into the landfill by participating in the Simple Recycling program. 

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