A better hospital for berwick

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Many people of Berwick and the surrounding area are opposing to the plans for a combined leisure facility and hospital to replace the existing Berwick Infirmary. We believe the people of Berwick need and deserve far better hospital services than those offered by this plan.

We would like dialogue between the people of Berwick and organisers of the project so they can listen and take on board the issues and feelings of the local residents.

We strongly believe that Berwick hospital should be on a separate site to the leisure center and be able to offer more services than currently available. People need to travel long distances for appointments and treatments which can be disruptive to daily life. Also with the proposal of lesser beds, this would cause issues with visitors to hospital patients if they have to travel due to lack of beds in Berwick.

The golden hour refers to the period of time following a traumatic injury during which there is the highest likelihood that prompt medical and surgical treatment will prevent death, being such a distance from a major hospital and if an ambulance is not available as already with patients, people from Berwick would not be able to get to a hospital to get the life saving treatment that they would need in that crucial time. Other factors could effect getting to a hospital as issues can arise such as traffic and closures of roads which would increase time getting to hospital.

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