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Stop the retail development at Low Prudhoe

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Northumberland Estates are wanting to push ahead with plans for a 70,000 sq ft retail development in Low Prudhoe, consisting of two parcels of currently-undeveloped land south of Princess Way, with the option of an extension built on the site of a disused mineshaft and frequent flood plain. The site will comprise an assortment of generic chain retailers, a 60-bed budget hotel overlooking the industrial estate, a petrol station and two restaurants, one with a drive-through facility and the other serving alcoholic beverages late at night.

The Best for Prudhoe campaign firmly opposes the proposals due to the many long-term implications the development will have on the town. Local, independent businesses in the town centre will lose out on trade and investment as they are diverted to Low Prudhoe. This would have a disastrous impact on the local economy as Front Street witnesses reduced footfall and income, ultimately causing the businesses there to close down or relocate elsewhere. As a result, profit will be leaked out of the area by the generic chain establishments at Low Prudhoe and the town's economy goes into severe decline due to marginal profitability and lack of employment.   

Secondly, the retail park will lead to endless disruption for local residents, even those who do not live directly adjacent to the site. Traffic and congestion will increase along Princess Way and Castlefields Drive, residents living nearby will have to deal with excessive levels of waste, noise and light pollution on a daily basis and many areas of the town will no doubt be affected by an increase in antisocial behaviour as Northumbria Police struggle to effectively monitor the retail park due to its relative seclusion from the town centre.    

In addition, the local ecosystem will be severely disrupted not just by the construction process, but by the 24/7 nature of a retail park set-up. Local flora and fauna will suffer as a result of habitat loss and excessive human interference as the edge of the woodland surrounding the site is disturbed by developers and as land currently prioritised by conservationists for its ecological and scientific value is ripped up and paved over.   

By visiting our website ( you will discover that only three of various factors have been mentioned, evidence to the developers that they have taken the wrong decision to not just build on valuable land but to severely damage the town's economy and permanently disrupt the well-being of local residents.  

This changes made as a result of the retail park will be irreversible. We must make our voices heard by showing the developers that this project cannot go ahead. If we get enough signatures then we can persuade Northumberland Estates to cancel their unnecessary and controversial plans for a retail development at Low Prudhoe. 

Together we can make a difference. 

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