Westmoreland Way Junction Roundabout Cramlington

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We, the undersigned, petition Northumberland County Council for the installation of a roundabout and linked road safety measures at the junction of Westmorland Way with Forum Way/Melling Road, to resolve long standing safety and traffic congestion issues there.

This busy junction has been a safety concern for too long. It is considered a death trap by many residents Although the roundabout was factored in to the previous Labour administration's budget and manifesto, it has been quietly dropped from the Tory administrations works programme....along with the East Hartford roundabout....with not a murmur of protest from Cramlington's Conservative Councillors. Cllr Swinburn is advising residents that the roundabout is going ahead.....and its fair to say that it may be factored in to next years budget....or the year after that. I'm not sure whether Cllr Swinburn has a crystal ball....but I doubt it!!

This junction is very difficult to negotiate...and desperately needs a traffic calming measure in the form of a roundabout. This would assist traffic flow and go a long way to allaying the concerns of residents and motorists alike.

Northumberland County Council are responsible for public safety. They need to get their priorities in order accordingly...not next year....or the year after that...but NOW!!

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