Oppose the 700+ caravan park on the B1505

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An appeal against the planning application to build a caravan park to store over 700 caravans has been made by the owner of the land

The park is to be built on land between the B1505 and the A189 Spine Road right opposite the Southfield Lea estate in Cramlington. The vast majority of residents objected to the application. This application was originally refused in September 2017 by the council but will now be considered by an Independent Planning Inspector of the government. A date has yet to be set.

This is a small piece of land and putting in a caravan park will cause serious problems not only for the residents of Southfield Lea but also road users and pedestrians. It is over development, will create a traffic hazard as touring caravans negotiate entrance from the B1505. Pedestrian and traffic safety will be the result. The entrance to this site is opposite Cragside primary school and near to a private nursery potentially causing safety risks for the young children who attend. The B1505 is a very busy road regularly used by buses and emergency ambulances travelling to the new Northumbria Hospital. IT is the wrong place for a caravan storage park

You can register your objections here at  https://www.gov.uk/appeal-planning-inspectorate#before-you-start

lf you do not have access to the internet, you can send three copies to:

The Planning lnspectorate Temple Quay House
2 The Square
Bristol BS1 6PN.

The appeal commenced on 31st May 2018. All representations must be received within 5 weeks of this date.