Northshore School District Remove SROs from NSD campuses. Fund counselors, not cops.

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In the wake of the killing of George Floyd in Minnesota, the Minneapolis School Board has taken the bold and necessary action to end the district's relationship with their local police department.  Parents and community members across the country are asking their districts to do the same.  If Northshore School District is committed to social justice and improving equity in our school district, it's time to show that commitment with measurable action.

The Black Lives Matter in Schools organization has been calling for funding counselors not cops in schools.  Many organizations have joined in this effort including Dignity in Schools and the ACLU.  It's time for schools to take action. 

There is mounting evidence that School Resource Officers do not make schools safer and that they often make schools feel less safe for Black families and families of color.  Having a daily police presence on campus contributes to the School to Prison Pipeline and takes resources that could be better used for mental health services and restorative justice.  It is no longer possible to claim that having SROs on school campuses is evidence-based or best practices.

We are calling on Northshore School District to end its relationship with all police departments and take the funding that goes toward paying for School Resource Officers and reallocate it to fund counselors, not cops, in our schools.