NMS Parents who don't want the school RUSHED OPEN this year and EVERYONE who cares!

NMS Parents who don't want the school RUSHED OPEN this year and EVERYONE who cares!

March 8, 2020
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Why this petition matters

Started by John Nobles

Update: Anyone who cares about the students or staff at NMS is invited to SIGN THIS PETITION- we got to 60+ signatures with petition limited to NMS parents and District stakeholders in 8 hours---that being said we ask and encourage EVERYONE to sign!! Thank You ALL

Mr. Banzer advised at the BOE meeting on Thursday March 5th 2020 that the remediation on the Mercury and Benzene is proceeding starting this coming Monday March 9th. Sounds good, but not really.


That the possibility of REOPENING the school this year is REAL- I am not really sure how the timeline would work with retesting after this remediation phase and not having a FULL PLAN--MOLD smell was rampant in the building when I emptied my sons locker. Obviously the MOLD smell will still be an issue as no remediation has been mentioned. 

As it was shared with the community on January 18th 2020 when the closing of NMS was announced and in many subsequent meetings that ANY remediation wouldn't proceed until the report from Grosser was delivered and evaluated and at that point a FULL comprehensive plan would be put in place and approved by the BOE,SCDOH and PWGC .

It was publicly stated by Superintendent of Business, Bob Howard that the SC Health Dept was pressuring the district to move on this part of remediation prior to the final report from Grosser during the Health and Safety Meeting last week. Hard to believe, as they have been waiting over 90 days already-whats another 21 days.

The final report is only about 3 weeks from being delivered and a full remediation should be planned based on the FULL report and not pieced together, including the MOLD smell.

Only SIGN THIS PETITION if you are a parent of a displaced NMS student or a stakeholder in the district.and you would like the District to keep the SCHOOL CLOSED through the end of the year and NOT piece together a plan to fix our school PRIOR to the FULL report from Grosser. 

NMS has had many, many issues over the last 30+ years and the students and staff should not be rushed back in there.

Please SIGN THIS PETITION if you are a current parent of a displaced student,stakeholder in the district and believe that they are trying to rush this process. 

There is a group supposedly 50+ parents trying to push the reopening of NMS faster and prior to the FACTS being delivered. Some even want it opened NOW (like today) and DON'T CARE ABOUT THE REMEDIATION. If you are NOT one of the 50+ parents who signed the letter to The Observer(names were left out due to print space)- with many incorrect facts---then....

Please SIGN THIS PETITION to slow the process until ALL the facts and science have been reported, and a FULL remediation has been completed and NMS RETESTED.

As a district, we were asked to wait for the full results and trust the scientific facts. Our community looks forward to a SAFE SCHOOL.

Thank you.

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Signatures: 236Next Goal: 500
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