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PLEASE sign this petition to let the Planning Commission and the Board of Trustees of Northfield Township (Michigan) know that there are many residents within the township and nearby who object to the rezoning of the parcel of farmland (corner of Whitmore Lake Road and North Territorial Road West), and the extreme density of the proposed housing estate and commercial property.

Please help save green space and arable farmland in Michigan! Sign this petition and forward on to others. Thanks!

Visit this website and please keep reading:

This proposed development significantly alters the quality and character of Northfield Township to the extent that it is like creating a dense city within the township borders. With this will likely come higher crime rates, traffic congestion (2 cars per housing unit = 520 cars and thousands of daily car, trips), greater drain on township services such as police, fire, library, sewers, etc.

The development into MEDIUM-DENSITY and COMMERCIAL PROPERTY of farmland Parcel B-02-19-100-006 (corner of Whitmore Lake Road and North Territorial Road West) is being considered for rezoning on April 7th 2021, 7pm, at the Northfield Township Planning Commission (PC) meeting. MEDIUM-DENSITY is defined as 1 to 4 single and multi-family dwellings per acre, and commercial property.

The developer's diagram for the field, which is approximately 95 acres of beautiful farmland, is to be 260+ single and multifamily houses that will fit in the buildable land in 1/4 acre lots, assisted living buildings,  and commercial property (possibly a strip mall) (less than 100 feet away from pre-existing homes). Simply put, this proposed development is too dense for the parcel. 

The entire Northfield Township outside of the lakes areas is 5-acre agriculture and large-lot residential, aside from a couple of small subdivisions and the few commercial and light industrial areas. This proposal for 260+ units, if built, will be the largest ever. And it will be used as a lever to similar developments both north and south of this parcel. 

In Northfield and other townships in southeastern Michigan, large parcels of the arable farmland are being planned for development into housing estates and commercial property, or are being rezoned by the townships for those future reasons. Many townships are following the same pattern in parallel means that farmland is disappearing at an enormously fast rate. 

Given that Michigan is one of the most diverse agricultural states in the US, and agricultural produce is one of Michigan's major products, this loss of farmland across southeast Michigan poses serious problems for the State’s economic future.