We need traffic lights on this dangerous intersection!! (roystonea and inverway)

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Darwin, in particular Palmerston, has insanely high road accident tolls! Those involved can be injured or in many cases killed, not only does it effect those people, but it effects their family, our community and our roads!! It is our job to push for the NT gov to make our roads safer and help us as a community save lives and prevent further injury.

In 2017 there were 31 road deaths on the NT roads, and so far in the first for months of this year alone ,there have already been a reported 17 lives lost. That is over half of all deaths last year. This shows that our roads were already dangerous and they are only getting worse. Similarly there were 532 serious injuries sustained by NT road users in 2016 alone. Although there have been new lights placed all through Darwin to help and lower these totals, there are still areas that are high risk and extremely dangerous.  

In specific the Roystonea Avenue and Inverway Circuit intersection in Palmerston is cause of many accidents! Statistics show that 4 serious/reported accidents have taken place on the intersection over the last 6 months.

I have personally been involved in a serious accident here on the 15th December 2017 and witnessed an even worse collision yesterday (16/04/2018). Therefore I have experienced the dangers and effects of this intersection first hand. I strongly believe that  with the addition of traffic lights we can significantly minimise the quantity of collisions.

How many people need to die or be seriously injured until the required changes are made?

If you agree with me please sign this petition so we can initiate this process and make our roads safer! I appreciate you taking the time to read my petition and I hope together we can make a difference.


Sune' Minnaar