NT Frack for OUR future

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Concerned members of the community have received threats due undertaking this petition.  We value our families too much and therefore will not continue to promote this petition.  It deeply saddens us that others can act in this manner and it is concerning to all involved that having a different view places you at such a risk.

When we think Fracking, the first thing that pops into our minds is bubbling contamination to rivers and water supply! Why is this?

There are different techniques for hydraulic fracking the NT deep shale gas resources are very different from the shallow coal seam resources in QLD and NSW where there have been some environmental issues reported.  The coal seam gas resources typically occur less then 1km under ground but the shale gas deposits in the NT are 2 - 4km underground which is far below the aquifer.

All Territorians need fracking to go ahead for our future!

The NT WILL receive royalties for Onshore Fracking. The Federal Government currently receives the royaties for Offshore gas (Inpex, Conoco Phillips etc).

Please help us tell the government that this decision will not impact negativity on their votes in the next election.

New Technology has created safer techniques to extract gas. The technique proposed for the NT is the same that they currently use in Ohio and Texas to which there has been no leaks or contamination across 16,000 wells. They use NO CHEMICALS only water and sand.  The reports the NTG have undertaken have shown there will be minimal impact on our environment...so now we need to show the government that 'we' as a community support the decision to Frack in the NT as it will bring with it huge economic benefits that we all need!

Why do we need Economic benefit?
We all want our children to have good jobs and schools with working hospitals and good roads but...most of all we want our children and future generations to stay here in the Territory!  If this project does not go ahead the Territory's economic future is looking disastrous.

We already have struggling businesses with jobs being cut and people moving interstate.  Other projects that support the economy in the NT are winding up...we are dying a slow death as a community!  This effects everything from the number of children attending schools to house prices to the closure of our corner stores. If people keep leaving, our sporting clubs will die, jobs will continue to be cut in all industries not just in the mining industry!  Those that rent might think it is wonderful to have lower rental prices but imagine combining that with no job or income struggling to put food on the table for your kids! This could become a reality!

The Anti Fracking campaign has been heard because passionate people about the environment stood up vocally.  Now that we know environmental issues are not a concern we need to stand up and show the government that we support them and that we care enough about the community to be heard. 

Lifting the fracking ban has the potential to inject more than $1.3B directly into the NTG per year!  Currently the offshore gas industry is run by the Australian government therefore the NT doesn't benefit directly but...onshore gas means that all funds and decisions about what, where and when will be mined are kept here in the NT.  If we don't do this the federal government may step in and we could loose! 


Dear Mr Gunner

We as a community support the decision to lift the moratorium on Fracking.

Please see that NT needs the economic benefits these projects will bring. We need jobs, we need people in our communities.  We beg you to look at the Pepper report but not base your decision on all 120 recommendations being fully met.

For the sake of our immediate future please pass that "exploration can take place at the same time as the Strategic Regional Environmental and Baseline Assessment" so we don't 'miss the boat' with the mining companies going else where.

We support the decision to move the Northern Territory forward for the benefit of our future as a community.

Kind Regards

The community of the Northern Territory


1. The NTG Fracking Inquiry found environmental challenges and risks are manageable.

2. The decision on fracking is purely a political one. (they are concerned about getting votes)

3. New innovation in the last 3 years means the proposed way they will Frack in the NT is not the same as the techniques used in QLD.  No Chemicals will be used only water and sand. Even though this has happened in QLD, those smaller communities in QLD are now undergoing economic booms.

4. Its proven, Fracking can happily co-exists with other industries and communites visit  http://utlands.utsystem.edu to see it working in Texas!  This is backed by the CSIRO Key Findings.

5. All of the Northern Territory will benefit including Alice Springs, Katherine, Tenant Creek, Darwin and remote communities.

6. 40+ years of Jobs and economic growth for the Territory

7. NTG for 2017/18 has a deficit (debt/shortfall) of $1.2B this is unsustainable.  This project would inject approx $1.3B per year directly to the NTG.

8. Mining companies have committed to spending $1B per year just in the exploration phase. This is more than the AUS and US Defence forces have spent in 5years in the NT!

9. Aboriginal Territorians stand to receive approx $100M per year, $70M of this in royalties alone.

10. Beetaloo sub-basin has 178 trillion cubic feet (Tcf) of gas the Inpex Ichthys field is 12 Tcf.