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Give a genuine apology to the victims of Forced Adoption Practices

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URGENT UPDATE: It's heartbreaking for me to report that the Territory Government has reneged on its promise to offer an apology for forced adoption practices. I was in Canberra yesterday - listening to the Prime Minister's apology- when I got the news. Let's keep fighting and make sure the Territory joins with the Federal Government and other states in apologising for forced adoptions.

Forced Adoption ruined lives and destroyed families. People affected by those policies and practices live with the trauma for the rest of their lives. No-one had the right to decide, for another person, whether they were fit to be a parent based on their marital status or age. No-one had the right to tell mothers that "If they really loved their baby, they would give it away". Nor were those policies and practices "in the best interests of the child". Welfare/social worker manuals dating back to the 1950's state quite clearly that removing a newborn from their mother at birth would cause damage to both mother and child - yet this was routinely ignored. Many cases in the NT were aboriginal mothers already disenfranchised by Stolen Generation policies. Stolen from their parents as young children, only to have their own babies stolen from them at birth.

Help us to ease the pain that survivors still deal with on a daily basis. Give your support and let's show the NT Government that this is a serious issue that urgently needs to be addressed. "Sorry" is more than just a word, it's recognition that this travesty should never have been allowed to occur in the first place!

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