More Trains back at Rose Hill Station

More Trains back at Rose Hill Station

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Started by Stuart Patrick

The December 2021 timetable has been published with no improvement in the service for Rose Hill based on 18 trains running daily, down from 29 trains daily pre -COVID. Also to note that the passenger counts had increased by 27% over the period 2016 to 2019.    

However the current timetable has resulted in a mainly hourly service with some half hourly trains in an off peak illogical pattern. Important rush hour services are missing - the 07.45 departure to Manchester and the 17.38 from Piccadilly. There is still no late evening or Sunday service.

Overall, whilst noting the effect of the pandemic on people using public transport, the latest count at Rose Hill Station shows a 60% decrease in passenger numbers compared to November 2019

We believe there will be no improvement in the next timetable revision in May 2022 and, even more distressingly, Northern has published timetable proposals for December 2022 which show the same limited service.

Friends of Rose Hill Station believes that this timetable does not meet the needs of commuters or leisure travellers. We ask Northern to restore the service to pre-COVID provision in the first instance and to provide a late evening and Sunday service on the route by December 2022.

283 have signed. Let’s get to 500!