Stop the reduction in commuter trains in Greater Manchester

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Commuters across Greater Manchester are to be hit by the new train timetable which came into force today, 20th May 2018. 

Not only are commuters to face reduction in services but also long waits between one train and the next, resulting in many commuters having to choose between being 30+ minutes early to work, or late, with the same issue arising on the way home from work. 

I personally commute from Heaton Chapel to Manchester piccadilly and Heaton Chapel through Stockport and I am appalled by the new timetable that has been implemented, with the busiest services having been cut and waits of around 25 minutes between some services. 

Train services have been struggling for years now, with common issues such as overcrowding and services being late and cancelled arising regularly. Commuters want more reliability in their service, not more cut backs.

The new timetables and the reduction in services is nothing but a money saving mechanism by the train companies. Commuters and other train users need to stand up and protest against this poor service. 

We want to be provided with better train times, particularly at peak time, as well as an increase in services, not a reduction.