Ban People With Terrible Hygiene From Public Transport

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Everyone knows the feeling. Busy morning commute, you got up at 6am and put on an uncomfortable work shirt. Your train journey should a moment’s peace, listen to your music and drink your coffee before a long day. Some commuters travel for over an hour. All of this can be shattered in a moment because somebody doesn’t know how to use deodorant. It is downright horrible. It is not hard to get a shower. As a person with a panic disorder, I can tell you that being reduced to a panic attack at fear of being sick is not something on my daily to-do list. This is not just people who are returning from the gym, the average BO I can manage. I’m talking about the not washed in weeks/urine smell. They disrupt the comfort and wellbeing of hardworking individuals and inspectors should be granted the authority to remove them.