Justice for northern Nigeria

Justice for northern Nigeria

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Northern Nigeria is bleeding

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Started by Zainab Buhari

Everything the rulers do will be zero #SokotoHumanBarbecue

How would you feel if your relatives were burnt to death, and at the same time, instead of showing his concern and grief on this henous act by word and deed, the president and the commander in chief of armed forces travelled somewhere else to attend launch of a book? I know with certainty that his indifference will pain you more. And if he did not go for that reason, I see that the killing case is more important than what he went to.

Every sane person in this country recently finds that the conditions of the country have worsened to an unimaginable extent, as soon as you open the data package, the first thing you will see will be killing and kidnapping, which indicates that our future is very frightening. A'azanallah!

Burning people to death in Sokoto state is unfortunate and sad, and the president has condemned it as usual, and flied to Lagos to attend launch of a book authored by Chief Bisi Akande, and commission Navy ships, boats and helicopter, but I see his condemnation as nothing, and this is the most appropriate time for the leaders of northern Nigeria from various aspects, scholars, politicians, Emirs and the international community to do what is necessary towards us and draw the attention of the rulers to what they carried on their necks.

Everything the ruler does will be zero if he does not strive to preserve the religion and souls of his nation. Without security and stability, things will not be straightened, and the nation will not benefit from the improvements that the ruler does.

Therefore, among the five purposes that Sharia came to preserve is religion, then the soul, then the rest of the three purposes, so that Allah the Creator will show us that religion is the most important thing and then the soul, because if a person does not live in peace and security on the face of the earth, who will benefit from these bridges that you build, roads you are constructing and everything you do?

Lastly, the worst of people at such a sad time, are the ones who come to defend politicians at such a time and decorate these matters for the sake of their party's interest or anything else.

We ask Allah to have mercy on our brothers and sisters we lost in Sokoto, repel the plots of the criminals against them and be on the lookout for them, and guide our rulers to what is in the interest of the people and the country

114 have signed. Let’s get to 200!