Transition Northern Lights College Classes Online to Prevent Spread of COVID19

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Due to the outbreak of COVID-19 in northern British Columbia, it is necessary that everyone does their part to minimize the spread of the outbreak in our community. All students, faculty and community members are at risk of getting severely ill and face the possibility of death. Given the medical resources that northern British Columbia has it is critical that everyone avoids public places, including going to school. For the sake of everyones health it is necessary that classes at Northern Lights College is moved to an online format, where students and staff do not come to the campus. By moving classes online students will be able to continue their educations without being at risk. Furthermore, this will allow people to practice social distancing, decreasing the spread of COVID-19. Overall, it is critical that classes be moved online as soon as possible to decrease the spread of the virus in our communities and protect the health of all individuals.