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Northern Ireland needs a solo ovarian cancer awareness campaign. There has never been one before make it happen in 2014

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  • Research concludes Northern Ireland has the worst awareness in all of Europe (EU) at 3%
  • That's only 3% of women in NI that know the symptoms of ovarian cancer
  • None of the women in Northern Ireland questioned in a public survey conducted by UK wide charity Target Ovarian Cancer were aware of the symptoms (See link to BBC NI report below)
  • 3 out of 4 women (75%) diagnosed have 3 to 5 years to live due to late diagnosis
  • 37% of cases is caught in early stages and are saved but this would rise to 92% if women knew early signs and if GP's acted quicker to diagnose 
  • In 2012 about 178 cases were diagnosed in Northern Ireland, with an additional 119 women losing their lives, if awareness was better death rates would be reduced due to being aware of symptoms of this cancer
  • Many women believe the myth that ovarian cancer is a 'silent killer'
  • Half of all women confuse ovarian cancer with cervical cancer
  • Women with ovarian cancer often experience delays in getting a diagnosis

Link to 2013 BBC NI report on Ovarian cancer by health correspondent Marie-Louise Connelly

Ovarian cancer can be a challenging disease to recognise and diagnose and many women will wait over 6 months for a correct diagnosis. When they receive their diagnosis the majority of women in the NI will have advanced disease which can be difficult to treat. A lack of awareness of ovarian cancer symptoms among both women and health professionals can contribute to delays in diagnosis.

As yet, there is no national screening programme for ovarian cancer like the breast and cervical screening programmes. It is vital that women develop better awareness of symptoms and have the confidence to ask their GP to ‘rule out’ ovarian cancer. [Source Target Ovarian Cancer ]

About me

I am terminally ill with ovarian cancer and have completed my fourth set of chemo. I am passionate about campaigning to raise awareness of this disease to help women in Northern Ireland, too late for me, but if women are aware of the symptoms fewer will die from this cancer.  

I have raised £43,500 for NI Hospice mostly from selling my CD (I sing and can play guitar).  If any businesses would like to sponsor/donate in order for me to generate more sales from creating more CD's please get in touch at

In 2013 my campaign led me to become NI winner at Pride of Britain 2013, I am so glad this opportunity gave me a platform to raise awareness of this cancer. 

Please support my campaign for NI women. 

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Thank you 

Una Crudden x

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