Criminalization of paedophilia

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Paedophilia is currently a medical condition only,which the public assume is a criminal offence.

This a lacuna in the law and a legal loophole used by many offenders to take advantage of the law, society, child & victims, adult or child, to escape conviction.

To avoid guilt.

Paedophiles self-regard as medically ill,not criminal.

Paedophilia has no parallel in current sex offence legislation anywhere in the U.K. or NI.

 It needs to be legislated for in order to criminalize it as a form of intent to commit sex offences against children under the age of sixteen.

The government must legislate to obligate a paedophile who recognizes their paedophilia to report to police for supervision&that members of the authorities,doctors for example have statutory power to report the offence to police without the consent of the paedophile.That this would entail an obligation to engage in state funded rehabilitation if the paedophile proven not to have sexually abused or been in possession of criminal material.That the supervision continue until considered not to be a criminal threat&that they must sign a register proving their status as non-offenders until proven otherwise.That failing to report their status as paedophiles aware of their proclivities would entail a criminal conviction&sentence.

This issue remains a silent one in society.

No current legislation lists paedophilia as a criminal offence& yet the misnomer "convicted paedophile" is repeated ad infinitum.

The Sex offence act U.K. 2003 does not list paedophilia as an offence.

The Sex offence order (northern Ireland) 2008 does not list paedophilia as a criminal offence.

The Human Rights Act 1998 does not recognize paedophilia or crimes against minors as an offence.

It is a cultural assumption that paedophilia is a criminal offence.

Current child sex offence laws are not sufficient,nor do they reflect public opinion.

Or Assumption.

Please sign the petition to protect children, to crush the culture of silence that renders paedophilia absent from our statute books.

To crush the culture of tolerance that renders paedophilia victims silent.

Society needs zero tolerance

Making Paedophilia a criminal offence will effect this.

Thank you,

Grainne O'Reilly.

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