Ban fracking in Northern Ireland

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We believe that fracking will have a negative effect on our environment, public health, drinking water, air quality, homes, farming, wildlife, fishing and not least the Northern Ireland tourism Industry which we have worked so hard to build up. Our country and people are beautiful and we want to keep it that way.


We are united against fracking and refuse to let earthquakes, contaminated water, environmental contamination and climate change be an accepted part of the world that we hand down to our grandchildren. 

Fracking was banned in France in 2011 and the ban was upheld in 2012. When asked to comment on the ban, President Sarkozy explained that France will maintain a ban on fracking until there is proof that shale gas exploration won’t harm the environment or “massacre” the landscape. It's time for Northern Ireland to follow the French on this so that we may encourage other countries to do the same.

Fracking is also banned in Scotland, Germany and Bulgaria. Wales, Romania, Denmark, Ireland, South African and the Czech Republic have all instated moratoriums on fracking until they can make a more informed decision.

Please sign now to tell the government to ban fracking in Northern Ireland. Please may we ask that you do what you can to share this on social media as we all stand to be affected by this.

Thank you on behalf of current and future generations, our environment and all of the wonderful and diverse species of plants and animals we share our beautiful home with.