Don't let Northern Ireland be destroyed by mineral mining

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To date the Crown Estates has sold mineral prospecting licences for virtually 25% of Northern Ireland. These licenses extend from the Ring Of Gullion to the Sperrin Mountains and up as Far as the Glens Of Antrim. 

Minerals that are being prospected for include Gold, Silver, Copper and Cobalt.

All licences have been sold to foreign multinational mining corporations who if they decide to progress to mining what they have surveyed will want to do so in the most efficient and cost effective way to suit themselves, regardless of cost to the health of our citizens and impact on our environment.

Current mining practices use too many chemicals and cut too many corners, together with our relaxed environmental laws this can only serve to destroy this country.

This can only be seen as a short term gain for foreign investors which will inevitably change the lives of our future generations. 

The current BREXIT debacle and continued political impasse in Stormont makes this all the more difficult and daunting. We the people need to be the driving force behind this.

This country couldn't possibly be the same again.

Your health is your wealth. 

No toxic mining here.