Keep the Northern Television Center Open

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Northern Illinois University & the Department of Communication have decided to close the Northern Television Center (NTC) and move classes inside Watson Hall in hopes of growing enrollment in the program.

NTC operates like a television news room and is the only outlet on campus for students to practice broadcast journalism. The studio (while dated) lets student graduate with a resume tape and the experience of working in an environment that's as close to the real world as you can get. The facilities inside Watson Hall are not adequate and will not best serve students in their goals of finding a job once they graduate.

We want to keep NTC open so current students and generations to come will be set-up for success when their time at NIU is over. Closing NTC is the first step in killing the broadcast journalism program at NIU. 

Full coverage and alumni testimonials here:

Sign the petition to let Northern Illinois University know that the program is viable and the students at NTC deserve an actual TV studio. 

We want to keep the journalism program alive at NIU!