We Need Our Home! Castle Drumming Needs your Say!

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Castle drumming community lost their ability to hold monthly gatherings. 


Can council help it find a new one?

Personal story
My name is Yuliya, Castle Drumming Circle,  Community & Tribe changed my life forever It gave me the opportunity to be myself with Music, happy laughter of kids, nature and infinite amount of love for fellow humans.

Please support Castle drumming!

Hi ladies and gentlemen I'm Mark Brandt a member of the Castle Drumming community 
As a local & someone that has been a member of Castle drumming for one year I find the event outstanding, well organised, well supported & safe, it’s a drug and alcohol free event where I can hear musicians from all around the world for free, In the one year I’ve been a member police have attended our gatherings never having any problems with us and have always left happy with our event, Please don’t shut this great local event down, sign our petition and show local council that you care ✌️

We need your Help!