Bring the B-Line to Newport (and beyond)

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Recently, the Northern Beaches Council announced that the B-Line would NOT be coming to the Northern Beaches past Mona Vale, despite original plans. Speaking as a student who cannot drive yet, having easy and reliable public transport past Mona Vale is vital. It would drastically decrease transport times, allow more people to socialise and share ideas across a larger area and make life easier not only for us minors but for everyone who needs to go south, young or old. It would also make it much, much easier for local students to get to school, allowing for a better experience in their education.

Additionally, it would allow others to come visit the beautiful environment of the Northern Beaches and to connect with family members and friends up here on the coast. I have friends who live all the way in the Sydney CBD, as well as the Eastern Suburbs, for whom the lack of public transport makes it very difficult to come over and meet up. 

The decision to cancel plans past Mona is seemingly made by people who don't even use the buses and only care about the 'pristine environment' of the Upper Northern Beaches, who don't care about its convenience for the community and the benefits it will bring. A roundabout on the main road is a small price to pay for peace of mind and reliable transport. Let's change this together.

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