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Northeastern University: Reverse decision to hold classes tomorrow, October 30th.


Northeastern University, as the student body, we would like to as you to reverse your decision and cancel school for October 30th. While we appreciate that you have put a lot of time into your decision, we believe that there are some things that you have overlooked. Currently, houses off campus are experiencing power outages, public transportation is shut down, and a high wind warning is place, which will last until 6am tomorrow. Any damage that occurs overnight will not be known until tomorrow morning. Staff and students who have to commute to Northeastern will have to deal with the repercussions from Hurricane Sandy in the morning. If classes are not at full capacity or if professors cannot make it to campus, the day will be lost. By signing this petition, we wish to inform you that we respectfully disagree with your initial decision to hold classes on Tuesday.

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