Make Election Day 2020 A Holiday At Northeastern

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Northeastern is a civically engaged university, but having classes on Election Day hinders the ability of students, staff, and faculty to go to their polling locations to vote due to time constraints and crowded polling locations.  Additional reasons to make Election Day 2020 a holiday are as following: 

  1. Matthew’s Arena on Northeastern’s campus, as well as many other centers across Boston, will serve as polling locations with students primarily serving as Poll Workers, including students who are unable to vote. Many remote students are also working at polling locations in their hometowns.
  2. Dozens of other universities across the nation, including Brown University, the University of New Orleans, George Washington University, University of Utah and more, have already cancelled classes on election day.
  3. Northeastern has, in the past, cancelled classes during term time, such as in the wake of George Floyd’s death in Summer I of 2020.

With voting being a right and civic duty, Northeastern University should declare Election Day 2020 as a holiday.