Make sure NEHU promotes all the 2nd and 4th semester students.

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Across the country, universities are promoting their students as it has become quite impossible to conduct exams when the whole world is going though a pandemic. Along with the pandemic, people are facing various other problems be it financial or personal.  In such a situation, when it is not safe at all to step out of the house, it is quite impossible for students to give exams. Keeping this in mind, major universities across the country have decided to promote their first and second year students. The state of Maharashtra has even taken the decision of promoting their final year students. 

In such a situation, NEHU is one of the few universities which has taken no such decision. The students of NEHU come from varied parts across the northeast as well as the country. It is important to keep in the mind that not everyone might have the access to internet to submit assignments or listen to lectures. At the same time it's not possible for students to go somewhere and give an examination. 

As such the best decision would be to promote the students based on their previous semesters results. They should scrap the exams as it is actually not possible for everyone to give exams in the midst of a pandemic.  

Sign this petition if you want NEHU to scrap the semester exams and promote us!