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Fully Legalize living off the Utility Grid Across the Northeast

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In today's America, we are faced with an ever-tightening leash of government dictating how we must live our lives. One highly personal area of life for the individual and the family is the very construction and outfitting of a home. Building codes, while important for the safety of structures and their inhabitants, often go much too far in defining what is and is not acceptable for a residence. One such issue is the widespread position of state governments firmly against providing one's own sources of energy to power the home, and using one's own individual solutions for feeding oneself and the family

Runaway over-regulation hinders the rights of landowners to make their own decisions regarding electricity and other utilities, and indeed even infringes on our natural human right to grow our own food. The corporations that control the utility grid pressure governments to punish people who power their homes separately from their ability to charge money. Governments across the Northeast, and indeed nationwide, greedy in their pursuits of revenue, hunt these free and honest people down, slapping them with charges as ludicrous as "Child Endangerment", "Animal Cruelty", and "Stealing Water" for living as our not-too-distant forefathers did. The few states that allow a quasi "off-grid" lifestyle require heavy fees and licensing for the "privilege" of not being made to buy into corporate America.

The benefits of living off-the-grid are diverse. They include reduced energy costs, owing to the lack of a monthly bill once any equipment purchased is paid for, a lower risk of power outages, something more and more relevant during a time when our electricity grid is aging and deteriorating, and a reduced dependence on fossil fuels, because in general most off-grid dwellers wouldn't be using electricity produced in an oil, gas, or coal plant. Further benefits are more personal for each person involved, including, but not limited to increased happiness, reduced anxiety, healthier lifestyle, more free time, and the list goes on. 

The overwhelmingly clear solution to this issue is for government to get out of the way! This country was founded on the premise of individual liberty. Being able to settle on one's own land, develop it as one sees fit, and provide energy and sustenance for oneself and one's family as one sees fit falls squarely under the pursuit of happiness. Free choice is a human right as much here as it is for marriage, self-defense, movement, work, eating habits, and anything that doesn't harm others!

Do a grand service to your constituents! Take a vacation from being politicians for a little while and be statesmen and women! Stand up for our founding virtues and human liberty! Do what it takes to see that not only are peaceful off-grid dwellers safe from unnecessary fees and licensing, but also that they are fully protected in their way of life under the law, just as the Amish are in many places. 

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this message and for your consideration!

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