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Removal of Diana Medley from her position as RESOURCE TEACHER.

Diana Medley is a Resource/Special Education teacher in the Northeast School Corporation of Sullivan County and spoke ON CAMERA to WTWO-TV saying that "Being Gay Is A Choice..." Then went on to tell a television reporter that gay people don't have a purpose in life? This is woman teaching our children -- including openly gay students. Gay Teenagers have the HIGHEST rate of suicide in our country, surely Mrs. Medley's lack of concern for their emotional and mental well-being, as well as her mis-understanding of their purpose in life makes her a threat to not only students in her classroom, but, in her community!

Letter to
Superintendent Dr. Mark A. Baker
The following people strongly suggest that your district remove Diana Medley from her position as Resource Teacher. Her actions show a lack of concern for your student's emotional and mental well-being. Her misunderstanding of your students purpose in life makes her a threat to your students and the community. All students have the right to be treated equal regardless of their sexual orientation, creed, color, or any other status.

Again, we strongly urge your district to remove Diana Medley from your employ as she poses a dangerous threat to the health and well-being of all students within your district.

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