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Stop The NEOR Ban Hammer

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Please put a stop to banning people for little to no reason. Unblock everyone you banned for petty or no reasons at all. We have children affected by your careless behavior. We feel the following reasons to ban a member are unreasonable:

☆Causes, awareness, anti drug, cartoons, defending your group, asking questions (on post and PM), no reason at all; the list goes on and on.

You have not considered everyone you have negatively affected by your actions. Not only adults but all of our children. This was a beautiful thing, helping those who paint as well as those who find. Many have benefited from this activity concerning their depression, anxiety and it brought families together. Thousands of disappointed families at your hands.

Your administration response "Here is a though it's rocks. Get over it." (Word for word, letter for letter)

We also put a lot of money into what became a favorite hobby. We took the time to cut and paste your labels and encouraged others to join. For you to throw us away at a whim.

There is more than an overwhelming amount of proof of our accusations.

Being hypocritical and changing your rules. Banning members for absolutely nothing at all. Your administration response "Here is a though it's rocks. Get over it." Is this what we should tell our children?

You used them to build your group up and now are attempting to profit from their art. You ask for donations and ban everyone questioning why you need donations. Asking "Where do profits go?", "Why do you need money to pass out rocks at an event, when we all paint rocks just fine without digging in our pockets for you?", "Who is holding this money?"

You (Nancy) personally wrote me (GJ Johnson) on Facebook messenger with a financial and legal threat. I was told to cease and desist and to remove my intellectual property from my Facebook page. Considering I have proof of my allegations and my knowledge on my legal rights concerning my writing, I will not allow you to bully me into hiding the truth!

Very good attempt to cover your tracks and hiding the fact you ban members for mentioning other groups by creating other groups and controlling them as well. Making sure you get credit for them "being inspired by NEOR" and even making sure the rules are the exact same as your own. Their administration even saying the rules are the same a NEOR.

Your administration have written the administration of other groups informing them they are in your "territory" and telling them to shut down. How is any of this about kindness? It's about you and getting the credit.

Keep the strings tight on those puppets of your's but FYI, we see through you. Why exactly won't you promote groups that do not follow your rules? What about other popular groups?

Other very popular groups rules include: Keep it kid friendly.

Their groups have no issues. 140,000 members or not, there is no reason for your behavior.

You deleted a picture of a police officer in his cruiser with a rock a child made specifically for him with a blue line. You banned those who were upset. You may have added them back after the negative backlash but, doesn't this show you don't exactly think things through when you toss your heavy banhammer around knocking us all around?

This is one example. You have done it to thousands and other members didn't catch wind because you ban anyone asking questions. Questions like "Why did you ban my friend?

I encourage you to lift all your bans, let families continue to find and hide their rocks and reduce your tyrannical rules to "kid friendly". Anyone not understanding how simple that is, ban them.

I encourage all those in agreement to sign this and help shed a light on what is really going on!

GJ Johnson


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