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No 'NWRR' (North-West Relief Road) for Northampton until coherent plan is presented

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STOP increasing the traffic and pollution misery for residents of Kingsthorpe, Whitehills and Boughton. No more housing development or North-West Relief Road (NWRR) until coherent plan for Northampton is presented.

 Our local authorities would like us to believe that the construction of the new North West Relief Road (NWRR) and the North-Northampton Orbital Road (NNOR) are critical infrastructure that will somehow solve our problems, but there is a very real danger that the current plans will make our traffic issues significantly worse very quickly, with no firm plan on the horizon to bring about the desired change.

As with any major town in the UK,, Northampton experiences traffic issues on a daily basis. As we go about our daily lives, traffic frustrates us and robs us of time with our families and so we crave roads free of traffic to help keep our sanity. But we do have an acute problem here and in Kingsthorpe particularly. The air pollution level here has been the highest in the UK on certain ‘bad’ days.

Why is this happening ? 

Northamptonshire County Council need Millions of pounds from large Housing Developers to meet the costs of these roads as they do not have the funds to pay for them. Secondly, the NNOR will not be built until vast swathes of the countryside to the North of the town are covered in houses, creating thousands of fresh vehicle movements every day and yet more anguish for the beleaguered motorists of Northampton.

 The local authorities would rather we did not dig into the detail of their plans and reports, but their own data and traffic modeling shows that traffic will not be improved by the current scheme and that the effectiveness of the planned NWRR relies upon a viable and effective NNOR to feed into – in all likelihood this could be decades away and so the residents of Kingsthorpe, Whitehills and Boughton will suffer further for many, many years.

 Let’s protect the interests of the people of Northampton. Remember, we live here, the developers are just transitory and it’s US who will be stuck with the consequences whilst they count their profits and move on to their next project.

 We must pause on the building of the NWRR until a proper and full evaluation has been concluded with robust solutions to fight traffic and pollution.

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