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Women's aid Wellingborough and East Northamptonshire/women's refuges to reopen

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Petition to keep Women’s Aid Wellingborough and East Northamptonshire refuges open:-

Please sign, comment & share!! The process only takes 1 minute to complete. 1 minute of your time to help fight to save these refuges is nothing compared to yet more women fighting for a safe place to stay with their children.

I am speaking from personal experience, being a woman who has suffered domestic abuse also and feels passionate about helping women/families also dealing with domestic abuse. I am keen to voice the urgency and severity of thes refuges closing down, not just for me, or current women in this position but also for future women and children too.

The statement below, is one I received after only 24 hours of the petition being set up from a child (who wont be named or any information given out under any circumstances) This child's voice is important too..  ‘I am happy that I am safe in refuge because We are all very happy and don’t have to be scared anymore.
I was scared when my step dad was mean. I didn’t want to live on our house because he kept coming back and hurting my mummy.
Everyone helps where I am now. They looked after me and mummy. They always make me happy because they are friendly to me and always have time to listen. They help mummy lots. I like seeing mummy happy again.
If we didn’t move to refuge we would had to stay at home and I don’t want that. I never want to be scared again please keep them open, what will we do, what will other mummys and children do if they don't this makes me sad very sad.’

We urgently need funding, the communities voice and everyone to pull together to keep these properties open for the domestic abuse crisis we are faced with daily.
As it stands, only 275 refuges are in England. This many sound a hefty amount BUT following statistics, 480 women are assaulted hourly. Having said this, it takes an estimated 35 times for a woman to speak out. If properties keep closing 1 by 1, where are these women going to go? These refuges are due to close end of November 2016.
The further they have to flee, the more isolated they become in a situation they shouldn’t have to go through. The more isolated they become, the likely hood to return to their risk area is possible. This is very worrying due to statistics also showing that 1 woman is killed every 3 days, that’s a shocking 2 women a week.
We need this petition to be effective, with as many signatures we can possibly get, the women and children of today need our support. Our help could prevent women having to remain within their toxic relationship for longer and provide them with a stable, temporary safe home, aswell as their support needs.
Again, I ask that you please sign this petition and help us achieve this!!
If these properties close down, that’ll be a potential 15 families/ single women left to seek help elsewhere, remain in their risk area or possibly lose their life or flee further and further away from support they may already receive (ie family, friends etc.) this will leave the women feeling more vulnerable and without a doubt more isolated to which will affect herself/ her children massively. I must add, it is a very difficult time for these women, and the more strain we put on them, the less likely these women will be able to end the abuse they are faced with.

Please sign on page overleaf, and support this campaign. Your help is needed.


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