Northampton Lido or Splash Park

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Emma Jones
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Every summer I get frustrated by the lack of swimming/splash park venues in Northampton (Northamptonshire) and I am not alone. Via the Northampton Chronicle I gathered feedback and over 1100 liked the idea.

For such a large shire (we have a population of 750,000) and being so far from the sea we have very little in the way of outdoor swimming establishments. We have the lovely Wellingborough Embankment Splash park and that is it. There are some private outdoor pools and wild swimming locations but these are either not accessible to the public or unsafe for children.

I believe a Northampton Lido would be a huge benefit to the town. With careful placement could also entice people to other places and create jobs. There are 130 lidos in Great Britain which are surviving and some are absolutely thriving. I know it would need a huge cash investment but it could then be a real gem for the town. Community events could be held, swimming lessons for kids and health benefits for all. Am I selling it to you? Would you be a local customer?

Midsummer Meadow had a Lido from 1908 to 1983 when it was emptied and demolished. The old site is now a car park.

Obviously, location is key. Some ideas are Midsummer Meadow as it was the original home of the Northampton Lido. People could be encouraged to walk into town via the River Nene. The old bus station plot as it would be accessible to all (as obviously not everyone drives) and boost town footfall. Daventry used to have a popular outdoor pool which could be reinstated or possibly near the Bedford Road/River Nene as it is already a popular water sports location.

A heated pool would secure the most revenue as would be used even on colder days but obviously has a higher running cost. Most are open from March to October but many, especially in London, operate all year.

During my research several people suggested Abington Park for a paddle pool & splash park. This would incur less costs. The boating lake could be the paddle pool & a splash park similar to Wellingborough could be installed nearby. This is a lovely idea but would be used predominately by younger children. A lido could be used by all.

The Northamptonshire County Council website states a full council debate would happen if 2.5% of the population sign (based on 2001 census).

Therefore, my objective is to get 15,774 signatures. If this is possible, I believe it would show there if enough interest and customer base to make it a viable business.

I am asking the council to consider and build a Northampton Lido or the alterative of a paddle pool and splash park.

I understand a huge cash investment would be required but if this petition gathers enough signatures it would demonstrate they is a need, want and customer base waiting.