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Stop the highways moving the stop and allow Elizabeth to stay where she is!

Elizabeth the steam-bus has been stationed in Whitby for ages, for a small fee you can ride on the steam-bus and see the lovey views of Whitby on a whole new level, she has lovely owners and brings LOADS of people into the town to have a ride round on her, without Elizabeth there will be a lot of tourist's who will no longer want to go to Whitby as they won't have the pleasure of riding around on the great steam-bus, she attracts young and old people so why should she have to move after being there for so long! Without Elizabeth Whitby will not be the same, she is the main attraction of the town she is heritage and so is Charlotte her sister who also gives rides around for you to see the scenery.

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  • North Yorkshire County Council
  • Highway Area Office Whitby

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