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Ensure local hunts protect the public by informing us where & when they will be hunting.

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Hunts are incredibly disruptive & potentially extremely dangerous. We want to see the end of fox hunting with a strict & enforceable ban - unfortunately, this is not the situation at present.

Some hunts in the UK publish the dates, times & locations of their meets in advance, ensuring that the public can avoid the area or take measures to protect themselves & their companion animals, who would be distressed by the hunt, & are potentially at risk of injury or death.

There are four local hunts in the area, each riding out three or four times a week during the hunting season - but they don't seem to understand the importance of letting the local population know where they will be.

Most people are aware of several recent events, including the horrific incidents in which hounds have attacked cats in a sanctuary & alpacas on a farm. 

Anybody who has ever run in to a hunt, with uncontrolled hounds running around in the road & horses, terrier men on quad bikes & supporters in cars & on foot, will understand the risk they pose to other road users. These incidents also put the hounds & horses in danger - in the local area, several hounds were hit by cars and killed in an incident on a busy road last year.

It  is also potentially dangerous for walkers & cyclists who encounter the hunt in places such as the old railway line - children & people with disabilities are particularly vulnerable in these situations.

Apart from the very significant & all too real  threat to our wildlife, hunts also put domesticated animals at serious risk - including horses, cats, chickens, cows, sheep & other dogs. If the hunts provide information about where & when they will be hunting, the public will be able to take steps to try to ensure that their animals are safe & kept out of harms way. This is vital for people with reactive dogs who would find running in to a hunt incredibly difficult & it is also absolutely essential for animal sanctuaries, whose residents are likely to be very distressed by the presence of a hunt.

There is a simple & easy solution which would significantly reduce the impact, disruption & danger - the local hunts must ensure that the public are informed of the dates, times & places of their meets.

Surely the public - locals & tourists - deserve to be made aware of the dates & locations of hunt activity, so they can avoid the area on the days when the hunt is active?

Hunts need to accept responsibility & be held accountable for the disruption, danger, damage & distress they cause.

We want Scarborough Borough Council, North Yorkshire County Council & North Yorkshire Moors Association to ensure that the Goathland / Staintondale, Middleton, Derwent and Sinnington hunts provide information to the public about where & when they will be hunting, so that we are able to avoid the area &/or take steps to protect ourselves & our companion animals.



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