Restore Equality To North York

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On May 21st, 2019, Jason Querry along with other candidates Richard Shank, Bill Jackson, Deb Smith, and Chris Wilhelm, were campaigning outside the borough office for Primary Election Day. Later into the day, current Vice President of North York Borough stuck his finger into Jason’s face and stated “Just so you know, there's no way in hell that a faggot will ever take this seat”. More than one witness saw this and Jason told many people including members of the Democratic Party of York County who continued to encourage him to focus on his campaign and spread his message around of making the community of North York a better place. Jason made it known to those around him that he was intimidated by Bill Jackson, especially since he is a gun owner and had the audacity to wave his finger in Jason’s face. It took a lot of courage for Jason to come out publicly and admit that this happened to him.
Matter of fact, I can give you an example of just how intimidated Jason was. On November 4th, Jason reached out to me and my significant other who was also running for council, asking us if we would help him put up his tent for Election Day November 5th because he was afraid if he went down to the borough office by himself to set up, Bill Jackson would show up to ridicule him. My significant other, Chris Wilhelm, and I assisted Jason and reassured Jason several times that we would be next to his tent on Election Day and we would call the police and stand up for him if he was bullied in anyway. And this is just one example. It’s pretty sad when someone’s that intimidated to go on public property because of what someone who’s supposed to be a leader and a public official of this borough, had done to him. And I add this particular example because this was another candidate that was running against Jason for a spot on council taking him under his wing and helping him. Something you’d expect the group of people who campaigned  with signs stating  “strong leadership”, so they claim, to do. 
For those of you who say “well if it happened in May why are we hearing about it just now”. It is so clear that you’ve never been a victim of bullying and intimidation because if you had been, you would hear the ignorance in that statement. Not a single one of us get to tell someone else’s story and get to decide when someone should tell their story. Our thinking as a society and a community is totally backwards. We should be asking, what can we do as a community in North York to show this borough resident that he is equal no matter sexual preference. We should be asking, what are the leaders of this borough going to do to ensure that no one has to be a victim of bigotry like Jason was. 
If you went to the borough council meeting held on November 12th, you would know that Jason stated he wanted to kill himself over this incident. You would know that Jason was so shaken up that he was sobbing and it took every last bit of courage for him to be able to hold himself together. Have any of the people passing judgement reached out to him and asked him if he was ok? Or is this borough now so ignorant that suicide isn’t even taken seriously? But if it was your son or daughter or family member I bet you’d be taking it serious. 
I heard many people on November 12th state that you just want your community back to the way it was. I’m here to tell you that will never happen with leadership in that borough office who spreads a message of entitlement and ignorance instead of unity. I’m also here to remind you that this election was a very close election, which means half the community still wants change and isn’t satisfied with some of the current people on council. North York we need to come together and ask our leadership for some explanations.
On November 12th, councilman Bill Jackson apologized for anything he said that offended Jason, but he refused to resign from North York Borough Council. 

UPDATE 12/14/19: Jason has gotten an attorney and plans on pursuing charges against councilman Bill Jackson. The borough president of North York has announced that North York Borough will NOT be conducting any investigation to look into Jason’s allegations. This isn’t an acceptable outcome after a resident was targeted and called a homophobic slur.  It raises the question of what would happen if this happened to another resident? Would the claims be looked into? Or do we just allow public officials to demonstrate this type of behavior? #JusticeForJason