Petition Closed
Petitioning Mayor, District of North Vancouver Mayor Walton and 6 others

North Vancouver District Mayor Walton and Council: Stop the development of Lynn Valley Town Centre until residents approve it.

The Official Community Plan for Lynn Valley allows up to 2500 new residential units. Lynn Valley residents have had little or no input into this drastic change to their community. We implore the Mayor and council to hold a series of open town hall meetings where all residents can be heard, hear each other and seek answers from the Mayor and Council..  We oppose this development in its current form. 

We also oppose building heights exceeding 5 stories in Lynn Valley, including in the Lynn Valley shopping centre

Letter to
Mayor, District of North Vancouver Mayor Walton
Councillor Roger Bassam
Councillor Robin Hicks
and 4 others
Councillor Mike Little
Councillor Doug MacKay-Dunn
Councillor Lisa Muri
Councillor Alan Nixon
I seek to preserve the family oriented village atmosphere of Lynn Valley.
I never understood that the Official Community Plan for Lynn Valley, North Vancouver would allow for up to 2,500 new residential units with up to 5000 new residents. Work toward completing the Official Community Plan must stop until residents have had many chances to openly hear each other in well publicized public town hall meetings with council present.

Also, buildings in Lynn Valley must be designed to complement existing building designs, including limiting building to 5 stories or less.