Petition Update

It's been a while, here's a quick update

Michael Kelley
Whitley Bay, United Kingdom

Sep 15, 2013 — 
It's been a while, here's a quick update

1. We won North Tyneside In Bloom (again this year :o)
2. We have won a Regional Award in a National competition - see today's Sunday people - (Overall winner and specialist categories will be announced next week)
3. We are featuring on a half hour "Restore your Front Garden" TV programme that is going to be shown sometime in November / December. on BBC2- the film crew were here for 12 hours!

4. Other people in the Region are getting involved also and brightening up their own areas with planters - keep up the good work

5. My next project may be the "Wasteland" next to the Job Centre in Whitley Bay - watch this space!

Here's the OH Hum bit!
4. We have received some strange Terms and Conditions and an Opt In / Opt out questionnaire for the residents to complete (with no questions) from Andrew Mollon. (Highways Dept). Which seem full of some dangerous ambiguities....