Petition Update

North Tyneside Council is Producing a Plan

Michael Kelley
Whitley Bay, United Kingdom

Jul 10, 2013 — North Tyneside Council is producing a plan and will be sent out to all residents of Rockcliffe Avenue along with details of an opt in / out scheme once the wording of this has been provided by their legal team This may take several weeks? (I will publish all when received) In the meantime, the "Status Quo" is maintained in terms of the extent of the planting.

Also In the meantime, and as a show of good faith to NTC (although you can still sign above - as I believe this forms part of a corporate complaint) we are not pro-actively seeking signatures for the petition. We will feel happy with closing the petition and the corporate complaint when the legal side is concluded.

In all, I do not envisage any problems and the residents are very happy with the negotiations to date. and it''s time to party
- Sincere thanks for all your support.