Petition Update


Michael Kelley
Whitley Bay, United Kingdom

Jul 5, 2013 — I had an extremely good meeting with the Elected Mayor yesterday. We agreed that none of the planters need to be moved. We still however, have to negotiate the positioning of some planters at the top of the avenue. Phew! I believe we are then done and dusted.

On behalf of the Residents of Rockcliffe Avenue,
I would like to say a big thank you to:

- All our supporters and petitioners,
- Dominic Kelly, Yarwood Simpson Solictors, Whitley Bay for the best legal advice ever!
- To all others that offered advise on other matters such as Health and Safety, Obstruction and the Highways Act
- To Gillian Swanson for her active support and advice
- To Norma Redfearn (Elected Mayor), and Mark Newlands.

I look forward to seeing the people in the region being empowered to make their communities a better place, and coming together once more - not only by placing pots / planters in their area.

sincerely yours

Rockcliffe Avenue