Petition Update

Here's an afterthought to the Jaw Dropping emails below

Michael Kelley
Whitley Bay, United Kingdom

Jun 27, 2013 — >> Oh dear, I suppose that's what the council get when they distribute ambiguous forms for the residents for completion in a hurry.. We did warn them at the last meeting.
More cons than pros ?
>> This is what we have been saying, "The residents "cons" are regarding the COUNCIL'S PLANTING SCHEME and this is an illustration of how the data from those ambiguous forms can result in misinformation

Only 6 out of 19 residencies (pedestrian part of the avenue where the planters are) do not place planters in the avenue. Take away those that help with weeding and watering etc. you have 3 residencies, 1 of these is definitely in support of the existing planting scheme, and is very vocal in their support the other is new to the avenue. leaving 1 - guess who, the couple that complain.

>> Whose jumping to conclusions now, it's not the residents?

All the best